Hire Lightbox Productions to shoot your next video project.
We deliver high-end digital content to promote and support your brand.

Lightbox Productions is a team of creative professionals who specialize in producing high quality digital video and still photography. Whether you are a small business or a national brand, we are here to help you visually connect with your audiences.

Based in Austin, TX, we have created videos for web and television, appearing on everything from small business websites to major network television (during the Super Bowl, no less).


44 Farms, Austin American Statesman, Fashion Week NOLA, GQ, Lifetime, Off Broadway Shoes, Popular Mechanics, Procter & Gamble, Prudential, Sports Illustrated, USAA


photo of andrew loehman, lightbox productions

Andrew Loehman

A Midwesterner by birth, Andrew has spent the past 20 years in Texas working in sports and portrait photography. After a long stint at Sports Illustrated, he came back to his roots in film with the advent of the HD-DSLR. Andrew is adept in all phases of digital video production: shooting, set design and post-production.

photo of jeff wilson, lightbox productions

Jeff Wilson

Jeff was a photographer at the Texas House of Representatives and with the Texas Department of Public Safety prior to opening his own studio. He has since enjoyed a successful career as a magazine photographer. With lighting skills mastered in the still world, Jeff has seamlessly transitioned to motion, where he recreates his unique style in video.

photo of chrissy ragan, lightbox productions

Chrissy Ragan

Chrissy has spent the last decade working as a copywriter and social media strategist at an Austin advertising agency. She has experience in brand campaigns, online content and on-site interviews. Chrissy also writes video scripts and directs talent in-studio. She brings a solid sense of storytelling and marketing savvy to all of our projects.